Book of Mormon Remnants Conferences bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines, walks of life, and experiences, confirming remnants of ancient Israelites in the Promised Land as recorded in the Book of Mormon and additional prophetic revelations of Joseph Smith.  Book of Mormon Remnant conferences cover archeology, geography, history, culture, and theological investigations of various aspects of the people, culture and theology of the Book of Mormon.

Conference 3, DVD set, almost 10 hours of presentations, is now available.

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Book of Mormon Remnants Conference

Conference 4 coming February 2018

Conference 5 coming July 2018,

Utah Cultural Celebration Center, ​     

1355 West 3100 South, West Valley City, UT 84119 (map)   

Conference 3 ​(July 2017) Topics And Speakers Were:

  • Developments in LDS Church History (Jonathan Neville, 58 minutes)
  • Why Mormons Need the Book of Mormon (Jonathan Neville, 38 minutes)
  • Hopewell Mounds Tour (Rod Meldrum, FIRM Foundation, pre-recorded, 60 minutes)
  • Cumorah: Michigan to New York (Wayne May, Ancient American Magazine, 57 minutes)
  • The Joseph Smith Cipher: Unlocking the Identity of Israelite Remnants in the Book of Mormon and North America (David Doane, Book of, 117 minutes)
  • Standing On Holy Places: Who Shall Ascend Into the Hill of the Lord (Robert Kay, 90 minutes)
  • ​Reflections of Israel (Robert Kay, 32 minutes)
  • An Everlasting Decree  (Bruce Porter, 67 minutes)
  • A Special Report on the Religious Knowledge of the Cherokee Indians                                    (J. Murray Rawson, PDF,  was sited and will be available in our store)

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