July 21, 2018 Book of Mormon Remnants Conference 5, Speakers:

Utahna Jessop

Old Testament & Book of Mormon Covenants

Reflections of Israel

Walking the Ancient Paths, Torah and the Book of Mormon

Bruce H. Porter earned  degrees in Ancient Near Eastern Studies  with an emphasis in Semitic languages, scripture, the History of Religion and Anthropology. 

Bruce conducted extensive research for the Religious Studies Center, on the Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Abraham.  He has done research in the major museums and libraries of Europe, and the United States. He has also presented  and co-authored a number of papers for related professional journals and books. 

Now living in Arizona, Brother Porter has lived in Utah, Israel, and California while working for CES (Church Education System).  He also served a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in England.  Now semi-retired he teaches adult religion classes for BYU Continuing Education, and continues his passion of scriptural research and has served in many capacities within the church.  He and his wife Margie, are the parents of 10 children and grandparents of 15.

Prior Book of Mormon Remnants Conference titles - "Joseph Smith's Book of Mormon" &" Letting the Prophets Speak for Themselves"


Wayne May, author and publisher of Ancient American Magazine now in its 26th year of print, continues to fill its pages with new and past discoveries in the Americas. Wayne has been lecturing on the topic of a North American setting for Book of Mormon Lands since 1993, from NY to CA. 

New finds in Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin and New York will be revealed.  Most of the earthworks in the greater OH area have never been positively identified as Hopewell (Nephite) or Adena (Jaredite). But, it is usually assumed they are all Hopewell in construction, but are they?  A constant interpretation of the Hopewell earthworks as being spiritual centers or fortifications continues in a tug-of-war within academia and with avocationals. Emphasis will be placed upon the similarities of the Book of Mormon archaeology as found in Alma with the Hopewell archaeology of the midwest. 

Prior Book of Mormon Remnats Conference titles - "Hopewell Interaction Sphere, Book of Mormon Archeology" & "Book of Mormon Evidences, and the Mound Builders of North Americas Cumorah Land, The Last Stand"

ancientamerican.com & ldsarchaeology.com

David Doane

Robert Jacob Kay is a Jewish convert to Mormonism.  He was born of unconventional parents and therefore was taught somewhat in all the learning of his father. And having seen many afflictions in the course of his days among a bunch of gentiles, nevertheless, having been highly favored of the Lord in all his days he had a great desire for the knowledge of the goodness and the mysteries of God. 

Robert is an avid researcher of the Hebrew Roots of the Book of Mormon. Besides having a degree in Mathematics and an MBA he has spent many years studying the Hebrew language and culture.  He was schooled in the Talmud and several esoteric disciplines of the Jewish people. 

The Book of Mormon - A Covenant Road Map for the Restoration of Israel.  Utilizing the Learning of the Jews, the Book of Mormon contains a covenant mystery and science that is concealed from the eyes of the uninitiated. By examining this ancient covenant through the eyes of an Israelite, the record itself serves as a key to unlock the mystery of Zion and return of the House of Israel.  This presentation will reveal the Book of Mormon as an ancient covenant road map to the establishment of Zion, the restoration of the Kingdom of Israel, and the Ascension of God's people.

Recent book titles are Roberts Voices From The Dust series,  A Hebrew Roots adaptation of an ancient (Book of Mormon) record written by a remnant of the House of Israel showing unto the remnant of the House of Isra’el the great things YHVH has done for their fathers and that they may know the covenants of YHVH that they are not cast off forever. Dedicated to The House of Israel, the associated First Nations of America,and the Jews for whom it was written and preserved, and to those Gentiles by whom it came.  "Voices From The Dust: The Record of the Nephiy - Volume 1", "Voices From The Dust: Volume 2", and "Voices From The Dust: Volume 3"

Prior Book of Mormon Remnats Conference titles - "Walking the Ancient Paths, Torah and the Book of Mormon"

Jonathan Neville

Bruce Porter

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Robert Jacob Kay

Willard Beans Cumorah​​


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Lori Bean Henderson

Beit Lehi Foundation

Beit Lehi (Place of Lehi) Archeological site in Israel


Wayne May

The Joseph Smith Cipher: Unlocking the Identity of Israelite Remnants in North America

The Book of Mormon Covenant People & Remnants of Their Archeology

Book of Mormon Remnants, The People



Brian Nettles graduated from both Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. Brian studied Chinese language.  After eight years as a military officer, Brian now works for a defense contractor as a computer programmer for financial applications.  

During the past few years, Brian has renewed his interest in Chinese language.  Brian has followed his interest in written languages and has applied it to learn ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, which in turn he has used to decipher some of the Michigan Tablets.  

Brian has used his knowledge of Egyptian, the Ten Commandments written on one of the Michigan Tablets, and a passion for studying Native American artifacts with written characters to decipher the written text on a number of Michigan Tablets.

Ancient Historical Research Foundation

Giant Mummies, Artifacts, and Ancient Records of the Jaredites? Unraveling the Truth of the Brewer Cave.


Jonathan Neville received a B.S. in Agricultural Economics, and M.S. in Agribusiness, and a J.D., from Brigham Young University. He clerked for the Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court, then entered the JAG in the Air Force for five years before practicing corporate law.

He teaches environmental science and ethics. He has lived in Europe for 8 years and the Philippines for 2 years. His work and other interests have taken him to every continent and over 60 countries.

He has written, a dozen novels, five LDS historical investigative books, and numerous articles: Moroni's America,  The Lost City of Zarahemla: From Iowa to Guatemala and Back, Letter VII: Oliver Cowdery's Message to the World About the Hill Cumorah, The Editors: Joseph, William, and Don Carlos Smith, Brought to Light .

​Prior Book of Mormon Remnants Conference titles - "The Lost City of Zarahemla: From Iowa to Guatemala and Back Again Moroni’s America​"


Prior Conference Speakers (July 2016, Feb. 2017, July 2017, and February 2018):

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Why Mormons Need the Book of Mormon

The Lost City of Zarahemla: From Iowa to Guatemala and Back Again 

Moroni’s America​


Brian Nettles

Robert Jacob Kay

Rod Meldrum

Book of Mormon Geography: A Practical Look

Cumorah: Michigan to New York

Hopewell Interaction Sphere, Book of Mormon Archeology"

Book of Mormon Evidences, and the Mound Builders of North Americas Cumorah Land, The Last Stand



Alan Rudd

David Doane holds a Master's Degree in International Relations (emphasis on Middle Eastern Studies) and a Master's Degree in Agricultural Economics from Brigham Young University.  He has traveled extensively in North America, Europe, the Middle East and India during his 35 years in the information technology (IT) industry.

His lifelong passion for the history, cultures and religions of the Middle East springs from his Jewish heritage and subsequent conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ when he was 22 years old.  His unique abilities to understand the meanings of scriptures spring from his Jewish heritage, extensive Book of Mormon research, educational experiences, and world travels.

Have you ever wondered who the Remnant are?  What do the scriptures and Joseph Smith say, and what do the native Americans say about themselves?  And, what is the role of the Remnant in the future?

Learn about how the Lord will personally gather His covenant people, the Remnant, fulfilling the Abrahamic covenant in part, as promised nearly 4000 years ago, and foretold in a number of native American histories.

Prior Book of Mormon Remnants Conference Titles - "The Book of Mormon Covenant People & Remnants of Their Archeology""Book of Mormon Remnants, The People," "The Joseph Smith Cipher," and "The Tree of Life"

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Jonathan Neville

Bruce Porter

FIRM Foundation

DNA Evidence of the Book of Mormon, Updated With New Material​​



An Everlasting Decree


Wayne May

David Doane